Secret Wars 0 Cover - 20150602Free Comic Book Day is like Christmas for comic book fans. Every year, thousands of fans descend upon their local comic shops to pick up a number of comics for the unbelievably low price of “free.”

Well, ideally, these fans will patronize the shop with a purchase on top of this, but that’s another story for another day.

Each year, the selection is a fun mix of choices, from manga samplers by Viz and Kadokawa, to special edition books by big boys Marvel and DC. This year’s Free Comic Book Day saw Secret Wars #0, the first issue of Marvel’s big summer cross-over event, as one of the possible picks. As a bonus, the issue also included Attack on Avengers.

Attack on Avengers was a one-shot “What If?” type story, that pitted heroes of the Marvel Universe against the mighty Titans from Attack on Titan. The story ran in Japanese publication Brutus Magazine, on November 15.

For Marvel fans and Attack on Titan fans, this was the book to get.

As with every give-away, though, free comics are given while supplies last. If you couldn’t make it to a shop, or you arrived late, it seemed as if you were out of luck.

Earlier today, Marvel added their Free Comic Book Day releases to digital comic platform Comixology. This includes Secret Wars #0, as well as the bundled Attack on Avengers story.

So, if you missed out, or you just don’t want to take the book out of its bagged and boarded home in a long box, you’re in luck. The book is free, and available to read on all major digital platforms.

Other “Free Comic Book Day” books available include: