The quest to revive the great Otaking is afoot!

Earlier today, AnimEigo launched their KickStarter for the Otaku no Video: Otaking Edition Blu-Ray.

Otaku no Video Otaking Edition KickStarter Page - 20150602

If funded, the Otaku no Video: Otaking Edition will include both the original Otaku no Video, as well as its 1985 sequel Shin Otaku no Video 1985. Both features, which will be presented in subtitled format, will include remastered video, and a separate bonus feature that includes the original “interview” segments in their original 60i format.

The project has a goal of $40,000. As of press time, funding stands at $$12,576. Backer rewards include:

  • $5: Access to all online digital materials
  • $25 / $50: Otaku no Video Standard Edition Blu-Ray ($25) or Premium Edition Blu-Ray ($50), plus access to all online digital materials
  • $100: Name in pre-load credits, plus all previous tiers (Limited to 70)
  • $250: Set of Check Discs, plus all previous tiers (Limited 4)
  • $1,500: Original Otaku no Video cel, plus all benefits in $100 tier (Limited 4)
  • $1,982: Original sketch by Kenichi Sonoda, plus all benefits in $100 tier (Limited 4)
  • $2,500: Name listed on package as “the one and only Otaking”, five copies of the Otaku no Video Blu-Ray, plus all other rewards in $100 tier. (Limited 1)

Stretch goals are already outlined, and include the following (descriptions courtesy of the KickStarter Project page):

      1982 Backers: Cover Up(grade) — Mr. Sonoda will create new color cover art for the package. This will also unlock a new reward level that delivers the actual artwork.
      3967 (1982+1985) Backers: Mini-Manga — Mr. Sonoda will draw a 4 page dojinshi comic, similar to the one in the Japanese Blu-Ray release — one idea we’ve kicked around is having it be about his experiences with US Otaku. The comic will be available both digitally and as an insert in the Blu-Ray package. This will also unlock 3 new rewards that immortalize a real fan in the dojinshi!
      5958 (1982+1985+1991) Backers: Today is a good day to Subtitle — an extra subtitle track will be added, transcribed from the original Klingon by renowned tlhIngan linguist qurgh lungqlj.
    7973 (1982+1985+1991+2015) Backers: Comically Awesome — The dojinshi comic will be printed as an exclusive limited-edition doujinshi in both Japanese and English (8 pages total). Basic backers will get it as a stand-alone B&W doujinshi, Premium backers will get it as part of an expanded art-book.

To promote the project, AnimEigo released a short teaser video:

This is AnimEigo’s second anime KickStarter project, their first being the Bubblegum Crisis: Ultimate Edition. Their previous effort closed at $154,014, more than twice its $75,000 goal.