Otaku no Video Key Visual 001 - 20150513Earlier today, the Otaku no Video: Otaking Edition Blu-Ray passed its $40,000 funding goal. In an announcement on the campaign page, AnimEigo CEO revealed that the drive crossed the threshold in 13.5 hours, though he expected things to take longer:

When I launched the campaign, I was fairly confident we’d get to our funding goal — in 4 or 5 days. Doing it in 13.5 hours is just insane.

Woodhead anticipated that the split between versions would be roughly 2:1, with two people opting for the Basic version, for every one Premium purchaser. The current split, though, rests at a 4:1 ratio, with 4 Premium backers for every Basic Backer.

To compensate, Woodhead announced that he would make alterations to the first two stretch goals:

  • The “Cover Up(grade)” goal was reduced to 999 backers, from 1982.
  • The “Mini Manga” goal was reduced to 1982 backers, from 3967.

New stretch goals for the project are currently planned.

The Otaku no Video: Otaking Edition was first revealed to backers in an email update, on May 13. A public preview opened on May 15, and the Kickstarter itself opened on June 2. As of press time, funding currently stands at $55,194.

Full Disclosure: I am a backer on the project.

Source: KickStarter