With the advent of June, comes the promise of new key visuals. Earlier today, the Ultra Super Anime Time website updated with a new key visual for short-form anime series Wakaba Girl.

Wakaba Girl Key Visual 002 - 20150603

Wakaba Girl is an adaptation of Yui Hara’s four-panel manga of the same name. Seiji Watanabe will helm the series at Nexus (Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry). Kana Ishida (Aquarion Evol, The irregular at magic high school) is in charge of character designs, while Jukki Hanada (Chobits) handles the show’s scripts.

The Wakaba Girl anime was first unveiled in March. The title will join the second season of Miss Monochrome, as well as Wooser no Sono Higurashi Mugen-hen in the Ultra Super Anime Time block.

The Ultra Super Anime Time block’s première schedule was revealed in mid-May. Both Tokyo MX and BS11 will carry it, with specific première dates as follows (Standard time conversions in parentheses):

  • TOKYO MX: 7/3/2015, 23:00 (7/3/2015, 11:00PM)
  • BS11: 7/5/2015, 25:00 (7/6/2015, 1:00AM)

The confirmed voice cast for the series includes:

  • Wakaba Kohashi: Ari Ozawa (Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun, Rolling Girls)
  • Moeko Tokita: Mikako Izawa (Re-Kan!)
  • Mao Kurokawa: M.A.O. (Durarara!! x2, Samurai Flamenco)
  • Nao Mashiba: Rie Murakawa (Non Non Biyori, Show By Rock!!)

Editor’s note: How amazing is the name Ultra Super Anime Time? I love it!

Source: Ultra Super Anime Time Website