Romi Park Headshot 001 - 20150604While the name “Romi Park” may not roll off of every anime fan’s tongue, the list of characters she’s voiced is one that many will recognize.

Some know her as Edward Elric from Fullmetal Alchemist or Ragyo Kiryuin in Kill la Kill. Others may recognize her as Ganta from Deadman Wonderland or Hange Zoe in Attack on Titan.

Her latest role, though, is that of the Otakon guest.

Earlier today, Otakon announced that Park will attend this year’s convention as a guest.

Otakon 2015 will be held at the Baltimore Convention Center from July 24 – 26. Other confirmed guests include:

  • Ei Aoki (Director)
  • Laura Bailey (Voice Actress)
  • Sandy Fox (Voice Actress)
  • Yuichiro Hayashi (Director)
  • Shizuka Kurosaki (Producer)
  • Lauren Landa (Voice Actress)
  • Lex Lang (Voice Actor)
  • Toshiyuki Nagano (Producer)
  • Christopher R. Sabat (Voice Actor & ADR Director)
  • Seán Schemmel (Voice Actor & ADR Director)
  • Hiroyuki Takei (Character Designer)
  • J. Michael Tatum (Voice Actor & ADR Director)
  • Toshiyuki Toyonaga (Actor, Voice Actor, & Singer)
  • Travis Willingham (Voice Actor)
  • Shuko Yokoyama (Producer)
  • Seiji Kishi (Director)
  • Shinji Takamatsu (Director
  • Takamasa Sakurai (Writer, Professor, Producer)

Source: Otakon