At the moment, Japan has a case of Splatoon fever. Gamers across the nation have been eagerly snapping up copies of Nintendo’s new shooter left and right, buying up just shy of every single copy available on the market.

And, as one would expect, fans have been going gaga for the adorable inkling characters in the game. Hundreds of pieces of fan art adorn social media, and image sharing sites like Pixiv. Then there’s the craziness that is the Splatoon Miiverse community…

But anyway!

We’re starting to see manga artists dive into the trenches of Splatoon’s Turf Battles. Earlier this week, The Disappearance of Nagato Yuki-chan artist Puyo and My Hero Academia‘s Kōhei Horikoshi posted drawings of the game’s iconic Inklings.

The two artists aren’t the first to produce artwork featuring Nintendo’s newest icons, though. Last year, Squid Girl creator Masahiro Anbe went gaga for the Inklings, posting a series of artwork featuring the characters.


This month, a series of cross-over images by Anbe appeared in Weekly Shonen Champion and Famitsu. In addition, Japanese fans will get free Squid Girl themed DLC that will enable them to dress their characters as Squid Girl, herself!