Aldnoah Zero Key Art 001 - 20140625Will Aniplex be able to take Aldnoah’s release from Zero to hero?

Last night, Aniplex of America revealed the details of its home video release for Aldnoah.Zero season 1. The 12-episode season will be released across two volumes, which will include both the original Japanese subtitled audio, as well as an English dub.

In addition, Aniplex revealed the cast for the show’s English dub.

  • Inaho Kaizuka: Max Mittelman
  • Slaine Troyard: Zach Aguilar
  • Asseylum Vers Allusia: Erika Harlacher
  • Rayet Areash: Cristina Vee
  • Inko Amifumi: Erica Mendez
  • Calm Craftman: Bryce Papenbrook
  • Nina Klein: Christine Marie Cabanos
  • Okisuke Mikuni: Bobby Thong
  • Yuki Kaizuka: Erica Lindbeck
  • Koichiro Marito: Matt Mercer
  • Soma Yagarai: Ethan Murray
  • Darzana Magbaredge: Julie Ann Taylor
  • Kaoru Mizusaki: Trina Loo
  • Eddelrittuo: Sandy Fox
  • Cruhteo: Lex Lang
  • Saazbaum: Kirk Thornton
  • Trillram: Todd Haberkorn
  • Vlad: Patrick Seitz
  • Kisaki Matsuribi: Kyle McCarley
  • Yutaro Tsumugi: Lucien Dodge
  • Shigo Kakei: Alan Lee
  • Femieanne: Carrie Keranen
  • John Humeray: Ben Diskin
  • Orlane: Mela Lee
  • Rayregalia Vers Rayvers: Geoffrey Chalmers

Aldnoah Zero Header 001 - 20150423The dub itself is being produced by Bang Zoom!

The first volume will hit retailers on July 21, while the second will be released on October 27. Pre-orders for both volumes kick off on June 8. Each volume will be released as a Blu-Ray limited edition, as well as a standard edition DVD. The Blu-Rays will carry a retail price of $94.98, while DVDs will be priced at $39.98.

The first Blu-ray set will include the following extras:

  • Textless Opening
  • Promo Videos
  • TV Spots
  • Count to A/Z Interview Program with cast & staff
  • 36-page companion booklet
  • Collectible pin-ups
  • Box designed by Mecha Designer I-IV

The second Blu-Ray’s extras line-up include:

  • Textless Endings
  • English Trailer
  • 36-Page companion booklet
  • Collectible pin-ups
  • Box designed by Mecha Designer I-IV

The DVD releases will have the same on-disc extras as their Blu-Ray counterparts.

To promote the release, Aniplex will host an English dub première event at this year’s Anime Expo. The first three episodes will be shown, followed by a Q&A session with Max Mittelman, Zach Aguilar, and Erika Harlacher. Aniplex of America and Bang Zoom! will also host open auditions for additional dub cast members at the con.

Aniplex and Bang Zoom! will host a second Open Auditions Kick-Off panel on July 2, where they will announce another title that will receive a dub.

Aniplex also released an English-language trailer and a cast greeting for the series:


Cast Greeting

Editor’s note: This is an editorial segment, you’ve been warned. I’ve long been a critic of Aniplex of America’s pricing model. Their decision to use singles, their sky-high Blu-Ray prices, and their general apathy toward the middle market never sat well with me, both as an industry watcher and a consumer.

Anyway, this new pricing scheme, where Aniplex offers a reasonably priced DVD set with the Blu-Ray offering is a welcome compromise. It lowers the price of entry for those who want to support the show, while still maintaining that super-high tier for those who just have to have the Blu-Ray.

Kudos, Aniplex.

Source: Anime News Network