Blood Blockade Battlefront Key Visual 001 - 20150513There’s scheduling conflicts, then there’s cases like this.

The Blood Blockade Battlefront anime series will see its final episode until the weekend of July 4. Instead, a compilation episode, Soresaemo Saitei de Saikō na Hibi (Even These Are the Worst and Best Days Ever) will hit the airwaves next week. Episode 11, Paint It Black, will air on Osaka network MBS on June 21, at 2:28AM.

Here’s where it gets fun.

The final episode, Hello, world! is slated to air on July 5, at 2:28AM. This specific time slot, though, was already filled with the première of Durarara!!×2 Ten. TV Network TOKYO MX took action to avoid this issue, by airing the episode a day later.

At the moment, neither MBS nor the Durarara!! anime website have updated to address the conflict.

Source: Otakomu (via Anime News Network)