Have you heard of the Otaku Trucker? Some say he’s a fella who, on a bennie-fueled run through the midwest, saw the light of moe. Others say he’s like the anime fan’s santa, bringing figmas and issues of Newtype to all of the good anime fans of the world. And others still say he’s just a crazy trucker whose brain cells fried after one too many long nights of driving and J-Pop.

Whatever the case may be, the folks at Dorkly are here to tell his tale in animation. The short piece is silly, as is to be expected. Narrated by the gravelly voice of the trucker and the crackle of a CB, the trucker rambles about his haul to Sakura-Con and beyond.

The popular sight gags, from Totoro to Sailor Moon are all present and accounted for, as is the requisite weirded out passenger. And, while the humor is generally hit-or-miss in its execution, the dulcet tones of that trucker’s voice makes everything sound so right.