Yoko Takahashi Headshot - 20150620The Anime Expo guest list is looking more and more like a “who’s who” of the anime world with each passing day!

Over the past couple of days, Anime Expo confirmed that singer Yoko Takahashi, and several members of the A-1 Pictures staff will attend the event as guests.

Takahashi, who’s best known as the singer of Neon Genesis Evangelion theme A Cruel Angel’s Thesis will host several autograph sessions through the weekend. She’ll also take part in an Evangelion 20th Anniversary Celebration on July 5, which will include a live concert by Takahashi and a Voiceover Presentation by Bang Zoom! Entertainment panel.

Eva 20th Anniversary AX Promo - 20150620

A-1 Pictures president Tomonori Ochikoshi, producer Yuchi Fukushima, and planner Masanori Miyake will host the A-1 Pictures panel.

Source: Anime Expo, Anime Expo