Earlier today, the official Non Non Biyori website updated with a two-minute promo video. The teaser features a number of landscape shots and footage of the four leading ladies splied together, with the show’s background music tracks supporting that generally laid-back atmosphere of the Japanese countryside.

The site also noted that an original promotional poster will be displayed at over 100 train stations across the country, starting June 26.

Non Non Biyori Repeat will begin airing on July 6, with the full premiere schedule as follows:

  • TV Tokyo: 7/6/2015, 26:05~ (7/7/2015, 2:05AM)
  • TV Aichi: 7/6/2015, 27:05~ (7/7/2015, 3:05AM)
  • TV Osaka: 7/8/2015, 26:35~ (7/9/2015, 2:35AM)
  • AT-X: 7/9/2015, 23:00~ (7/9/2015, 11:00PM)

Non Non Biyori Repeat Key Visual 003 - 20150527Non Non Biyori Repeat is a sequel to 2013 series Non Non Biyori. The series was greenlit for production in April 2014 and, in the months that followed, we reported that the staff and main voice talent from the original series would return for Repeat.

The confirmed staff is as follows:

  • Director: Shinya Kawamo
  • Series Composition: Reiko Yoshida
  • Script: Reiko Yoshida, Fumihiko Shimo, Yuka Yamada
  • Character Design: Mai Otsuka
  • Chief Animation Directors: Mai Otsuka, Yuki Imoto
  • Color design: Miyuki Kibata
  • Background Art: Kusanagi
  • Art Director: Anna Ooizumi (Kusanagi)
  • Music: Hiromi Mizutani
  • Music Production: Lantis
  • Animation Production: SILVER LINK

The returning voice talent includes:

  • Natsumi: Ayane Sakura
  • Komari: Kana Asumi
  • Renge: Kotori Koiwai
  • Hotaru: Rie Murakawa

In addition, to today’s promo video, two other video teasers and a trio of key visuals were uploaded, which you can check out below.

Key Visuals

Promo Video 1

Promo Video 2

Source: Non Non Biyori Repeat Website