So… is it about older guys who like marshmallows, old guys who look like marshmallows, or some combination of the two?

The latest volume of Ojisan to Marshmallow (Ojisan and Marshmallow) revealed that an anime adaptation was green-lit for production. The announcement appears on the wrap-around jacket for the volume, which proudly proclaims that an “unimaginable” anime adaptation is in the works.

Ojisan to Marshmallow 001 - 20150623

The volume, titled Motto! Ojisan to Marshmallow (More! Ojisan and Marshmallow), is the second volume of the series.

Ojisan to MarshmallowI is a workplace comedy by Rekomaru Otoi. The series revolves mainly around two characters: an older man named Kusaka, and an office lady named Wakabayashi. Kusaka is an older gentleman, with a particular fondness for marshmallows. Wakabayashi is a younger woman who has a particular fondness for Kusaka. The series follows the two characters, as their relationship evolves and grows.

The series began its life as a web comic hosted on image site Pixiv. To date, the series has attracted over 20 million viewers online, and received a combined 20 million views across 91 pages. Ichijinsha began collecting the series in print form, with the first volume hitting in November 2014.

We’ve provided a few pages below, for you to check out.

Source: Otakomu