Utena Part 1 01Take my revolution!

Yesterday, Right Stuf announced that they will release Revolutionary Girl Utena on Blu-Ray. While no solid details were announced, the company will release the series in 2016.

Revolutionary Girl Utena is a highly influential series, based on Chiho Saito’s manga of the same name. The 39-episode series was directed by Kunihiko Ikuhara (Sailor Moon, Penguindrum), and animated by J.C. Staff.

Revolutionary Girl Utena garnered critical acclaim since its release, being hailed as a landmark title in the shojo genre. A film re-imagining, titled Adolescence of Utena hit Japanese theaters in 1999.

In North America, the series and film was first released on VHS and DVD by Central Park Media under the company’s Software Sculptors label. Right Stuf rescued the license, and released the series across three sets under its Nozomi Entertainment label in 2011.

North American fans who are curious about the title can check it out on YouTube, where Right Stuf streams the series in its entirety in both subtitled and dubbed formats.