Shannon Burgess 001 - 20150706Yesterday, CTV News Calgary reported that the Calgary police found the remains of actress Shannon Burgess (née Madill). Police found her body in her home in Calgary, which she shared with husband Joshua Burgess. She was 25.

Burgess, who played the role of Reiji Uno in Cardfight!! Vanguard: Link Joker Hen, also worked as a performance artist and stand-up comedienne. She was reported missing in November 2014. Burgess did not arrive at a scheduled meeting with her brother at StageWest on November 30, 2014. Her family notified the police the next day.

In a comment about the body’s discovery, Staff Sergeant Colin Chisholm of the CPS Homicide Unit stated that Burgess’s remains were found as part of the normal investigation. According to Chisholm, “It wasn’t a tip […] As the investigation progressed it rapidly transitioned from a missing persons investigation into a homicide investigation.”

He added that “[t]here was no history of domestic conflict, domestic violence, whatsoever in that relationship.”

A representative of Burgess’s family stated that the couple was separated, though still living together. A family friend told The Calgary Herald that “[i]t was just bumps in the road, it wasn’t really anything. They weren’t going through a divorce or anything like that.”

Joshua Burgess is currently in custody, charged with one count of second degree murder in relation to the investigation of his wife’s death.

We’d like to offer our deepest condolences to the friends and family of Ms. Burgess.

Source: CTV News Calgary