Barnes and Noble Logo 001 - 20150708Manga: that hot new book type from Japan that’s on the grow!

Earlier today, bookstore chain Barnes & Noble announced that they’ll be doubling their graphic novel and manga selections in all of their stores. The company explained that the expansion is in response to strong customer demand, and a growing popularity of both traditional graphic novels and manga.

Barnes & Noble Vice President of Adult Trade and Children’s Books Mary Amiucci was quoted as follows:

Barnes & Noble has seen tremendous growth in Graphic Novels and Manga in recent years, which is why we’re so excited to be able to roll out an expanded selection for our customers to explore at all stores nationwide […] Featuring eye-catching signage and top picks displays that highlight key series and characters, the expanded selection will not only meet the growing demand from fans, but will also drive discovery among new customers that may not have been familiar with Graphic Novels and Manga in a way that only Barnes & Noble can do.

Doubling the space for manga ensures that Barnes & Noble can sell back-list titles longer, better highlight titles via signage, and highlight best-sellers on displays within the sections.

The new manga and graphic novel sections will feature new signage, which highlights popular titles, and top reader picks.

Source: Business Wire