Have you been wondering where those Attack on Titan OVAs would surface in North America? We just got our answer.

Yesterday, Kodansha Comics announced that they will release a limited edition of Attack on Titan manga volume 17. The book will bundle the first half-hour OVA episode, Ilse’s Notebook when it ships to stores on December 1.

Kodansha confirmed that the episode will be presented in subtitled format.

In addition, Kodansha revealed the cover for the upcoming Attack on Titan Volume 16 special edition. The cover will be illustrated by The Walking Dead co-creator Tony Moore, and the book itself will ship with a deck of playing cards.

Attack on Titan Volume 16 LE Manga 001 - 20150712

A total of five OVAs have been produced to date. The first three are based on the mainline Attack on Titan series, and were bundled with various manga volumes 11, 13, and 14 in Japan. Japanese manga volumes 15 and 16 were bundled with a two-part OVA based on spinoff series Attack on Titan: No Regrets.

Ilse’s Notebook is a pseudo-prologue to the original Attack on Titan. The episode tells the tale of Ilse, a Survey Corps member who met with an untimely end, as explained through a diary found in the realm outside the walls.

Source: Anime News Network