Soon, the curtain will rise on the next Gundam.

On July 4, we reported that Sunrise is working on a new Mobile Suit Gundam anime project. At the moment, no details are known. At the time we reported, the only information available was that Sunrise would unveil details on July 14.

The reveal will be presented in both English and Japanese.

In addition, Sunrise launched a teaser website for the project opened with a countdown timer. The background features a silhouette of a mysterious Mobile Suit.

Mobile Suit Gundam G-Tekketsu Teaser Image 001 - 20150704

Over the past week, the veil of darkness has slowly receded from the mecha, to the point that it is mostly visible. Whether this is the new Gundam robot for the series is unknown at this point. However, it does bear the red, white, and blue paint job found on numerous Gundam units throughout the franchise’s history.

Mobile Suit Gundam G-Tekketsu Teaser Image 002 - 20150704

Source: Famitsu