Ana Moreno 001 - 20150714Manga translator and webcomic artist Anastasia Moreno passed away on Saturday, after a year of battling cancer.

Moreno worked as a translator for Seven Seas Entertainment. Her credits included works such as Strawberry Panic!, Girls und Panzer, and Zero’s Familiar.

Prior to her work in the manga industry, Moreno worked in numerous branches of United States military, including the Marines, the Army, the Navy, and the Air Force. She worked primarily as a technical translator in her positions.

Moreno wrote a webcomic, Marine Corps Yumi, as a collaboration with Girls und Panzer: Ribbon Warrior author Takeshi Nogami. The comic, which was presented in both English and Japanese, will continue serialization. Nogami will handle the writing duties going forward, while Dan Kanemitsu will handle translation.

Yesterday, Seven Seas issued a brief statement on Moreno’s passing.

We at Anime Herald would like to offer our condolences to Moreno’s family and friends.

Source: Okazu