The curtain shall rise on a new chapter in the Gundam universe.

Earlier today, Sunrise unveiled Mobile Suit Gundam: Tekketsu no Orphans (Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooed Orphans) to the public in a live press conference. The series is slated to première on Japanese TV on October 4. The series will be shown on MBS/TBS every Sunday, at 5:00PM local time.

Tatsuyuki Nagai (Toradora!, A Certain Scientific Railgun) was tapped to direct the project. The rest of the announced staff includes:

  • Series Composition: Mari Okada (Anohana)
  • Character Designer: Michinori Chiba (Gundam 00, Gundam AGE)
  • Original Character Designer: Yu Ito
  • Mecha Designers: Naohiro Washio (Valvrave the Liberator), Kanetake Ebikawa (Mobile Suit Gundam 00), Ippei Gyoubu (Mobile Suit Gundam Reconguista in G), Kenji Teraoka (Gundam Build Fighters), & Tamotsu Shinohara (Heisei Kamen Rider)

The series will be set in a distant future, in the aftermath of a great war known only as Yakusai-sen. In this world, the war’s been over for 300 years, though its effects can still be felt in the daily lives of many. Mikazuki Augus, a young man working for Martian security company Chryse Guard Security, finds himself as an unlikely hero, as he’s thrust into the role of Gundam Barbatos.

The announcement video, as well as a promotional video and a key visual have all been released to promote the title. You can check these out below:

Announcement Video–SbNecHQI

Promotional Video

Key Visual

Mobile Suit Gundam G-Tekketsu Key Visual 001 - 20150715

Source: Crunchyroll