Soon, the wishes of those who wield the cards will be granted.

Yesterday, the official Selector Selected WIXOSS Twitter account released a new key visual for upcoming film Selector Destructed WIXOSS:

Selector Destructed WIXOSS Key Visual 001 - 20150718

In addition, the account confirmed that Selector Destructed WIXOSS will open in 36 thaeaters on February 13, 2016. While a full theater list is still unknown, it was confirmed that Shinjuku Wald 9 will be among the locations showing the film.

Fans who pre-order their tickets will receive a special-edition Arc Distracting holofoil card.

Selector Destructed WIXOSS Promo Card 001 - 20150718

For those who want to check out the tweets, we’ve provided them below:

Rough Translation: [Spreading hope!!] We’re confirming that the film will be called “Selector Destructed WIXOSS”! Also, we’re unveiling the key visual!!! (Tsukayan)

Rough Translation: Bonus with advance ticket purchases at each theater, starting 8/1! WIXOSS promo card “Arc Distracting” (Holographic foil stamp & marking). Please note this is while supplies last!

Source: Crunchyroll