Sailor Moon is gone… again. She’s not forgotten, though!

Earlier today, the last episode of Sailor Moon Crystal hit the web. At the end of the stream, was a brief message that stated “À bientôt” (“See you soon!”)

Sailor Moon Crystal Finale Image 001 - 20150718

Shortly afterwards, the official Sailor Moon Twitter account updated, thanking fans for viewing, and to keep an eye on the official Sailor Moon website for future developments.

Rough Translation: Everyone was smiling as we watched the Sailor Moon Crystal Black Moon series finale. A sincere thank you! Don’t forget to check for future updates on the official 20th anniversary project site! Also, thank you TV viewers!

The image in the tweet includes a short message that states “In regards to future developments, we will post a number of announcements on the Sailor Moon 20th Anniversary Project website! Please look forward to it!!”

Earlier this year, there was buzz about the internet when Toei Europe mentioned that a second Sailor Moon Crystal series was in the works. At the time, this was thought to be a confirmation that a new series was in the works. At the time, though, we reached out to Toei Animation, and received the following response:

In Japan, the second season of Sailor Moon Crystal is currently streaming from this January (“Black Moon saga”). What the website news is telling is terrestrial TV broadcasting of the 2nd season in Japan will start from this summer.

Source: Anime News Network