Soon, the Shadow Games will begin anew.

On Saturday, 4K Media started streaming an English teaser for the upcoming Yu-Gi-Oh!: The Dark Side of Dimensions. The one-minute teaser reveals that the film will hit western territories in 2016.

Last week, the film’s staff showed off a poster, which features a new character and confirms a Golden Week 2016 première for Japan. The poster’s tagline reads “Once more, to that fighting stage.”

Yu-Gi-Oh Dark Side of Dimensions Poster 001 - 20150720

The film will be directed by Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal director Satoshi Kuwahara. Yu-Gi-Oh! manga creator Kazuki Takahashi will be deeply involved with the project, acting as character designer, script writer, and chief production supervisor.

Last year, 4K Media announced that a Yu-Gi-Oh! film was in the works, though details were scarce at the time. When the film was revealed, 4K Media Senior Vice President Kristen Gray commented that “We’re thrilled to bring the Yu-Gi-Oh! characters back to theater screens for their enthusiastic fan base.”

Source: Anime News Network