I don’t think we’re talking about the 1980 novel by Ian Wallace

But anyway! Earlier today, Bandai Visual opened a teaser site for an original anime project titled Comet Lucifer. The site shows off a bit of the animation process with a brief video that begins with an animatic sequence, then goes on to trace the production of a frame of a female character, from the drawing board to coloring.

Comet Lucifer 001 - 20150722

All the while, a counter ticks down toward Sunday, July 26. An update is currently planned for a nebulous “Autumn” period.

Max Factory and Good Smile Company will hold a stage event for the project at their “Wonderful Hobby Life for You!!” booth at this summer’s Wonder Festival. The event, which will be held on Sunday, will feature cast for the series. NicoNico Live will stream the reveal.

Comet Lucifer 002 - 20150722

Source: MoCa News