What do butlers, ladies, and multi-dimensional Charger Girls have in common? Apparently, they’re all subjects of shows being dubbed by Media Blasters!

Last night, Media Blasters made a pair of English dub casting announcements. Specifically, the company revealed the lead actors for the English dubs of Juden-chan and Ladies Versus Butlers!.

Media Blasters will cast Daniel J. Edwards as Akiharu Hino in Ladies versus Butlers!, while Brittany Lauda will play Plug Cryostat in Juden-chan. The dub reveals were accompanied by a 90-second preview of Juden-chan‘s dub.

Media Blasters originally announced that htey licensed both Juden-chan and Ladies Versus Butlers! in 2013. Ladies Versus Butlers! originally had a January 2014 release date, though the title disappeared from many retailers’ radars due to unspecified delays.

Source: Media Blasters’s Facebook Page