Attack On Titan is a series that quickly captured the hearts and minds of anime fans across the globe. Hajime Isayama’s dark fantasy tale has won over audiences of all stripes, with its visceral action, gripping premise, and truly fantastic cast.

Attack On Titan‘s impact is immediately visible, whether it’s in the many parodies and homages in the anime world, or the countless examples of cosplay and tribute artwork in the fan community. And, whether you love it or hate it, Attack on Titan is a rare series that’s able to grab audiences that don’t normally delve into the realm of anime.

As of now, though, there are several versions of the series available, from the manga, to the anime series, to the live-action movies. Then there’s the OVAS, and that brand-new spinoff show hitting in October…

It can get a bit daunting.

To help ease new fans into the mix (and provide some fun for franchise vets), the folks at Frederator’s Cartoon Hangover division put together a list of 107 fun facts about Attack on Titan. Whether fans are looking for Isayama’s favorite cast member, explanations for various verbal quirks, or even the origins of the walled city of the series are given the spotlight.

The video clocks in at a massive 20 minutes and covers a few surprisingly in-depth topics, leading to a fun watch for casual fans and series wonks alike.