Welcome, readers, to a new issue of AniWeekly! This weekend was abuzz with excitement as the Summer Comiket rolled into Tokyo’s Big Sight convention center. It’s a huge event, which draws hundreds of thousands of fans and creators from across the globe.

And, with big events, comes big news!

In The News

Take the Holy Grail War to the Netflix front! Last week, Netflix started streaming hit series Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works on their service. Even better, Netflix is offering the first 13 episodes of the show’s new English dub!

Save us, Prism Nana! First, there was Madoka Magica. Now, it’s time for Prism Nana to shine! Animation studio SHAFT announced that they’re working on a Magical Suite Prism Nana OVA series. The title will run for seven episodes, with each episode being produced by a new director, writer, and key animation team.

Prism Nana OVA Confirmation 001 - 20150815

This Labor Day, take a trip to Diamandra! Toonami will run a Michiko & Hatchin marathon on September 5. The block will show a total of seven episodes, which will kick off at midnight.

The phantom world is alight with a myriad of colors. Kyoto Animation announced that they’ll animate Sōichirō Hatano’s future fantasy novel, Myriad Colors Phantom World.

Myriad Colors Phantom World 001 - 2015084

The Legend of the Galactic Heroes is back! Production I.G. is working on a new entry into the long-running Legend of the Galactic Heroes anime franchise. The title, which will début in 2017, is the first addition to the series since 2000.

From The AniBlogging Community

A great how-to guide on the art of the interview. Deb Aoki published a short, yet fantastic column that offers advice to fans who wish to interview Japanese creators.

Weekly Fun Stuff!

The world of Nichijou collides with that of ’80s pop music! This mash-up with the niche favorite anime series and The Safety Dance has been a favorite among series fans for a while, with good reason. It’s a fun, playful music video that just plain works.