cWelcome, one and all, to the latest issue of AniWeekly! Things are a bit quiet in the aftermath of the Summer Comiket, but we’re still here to talk nerdy to you!

In The News

Boruto’s comin’ to Canada! Believe it! On Friday, Viz Media announced that they’ll screen Boruto: Naruto The Movie in nine major Canadian cities. The film will be shown in ten cinemas, spread across six provinces when it opens on October 10.

Coming soon: more Terra Formars! The latest issue of the Terra Formars manga confirmed that a Terra Formars anime sequel is in the works.

We are, we are, on the cruise! We are! A new One Piece movie was announced following the recent One Piece: Episode of Sabo special. The film will hit Japanese theaters next summer.

Mind games at the genius party? Why, I never! Anime studio Studio 4°C announced that five of their titles will hit Netflix’s streaming service in September! Princess Arete, Mind Game, Genius Party, Genius Party Beyond, and Tweeny Witches will all begin streaming in English and Spanish-speaking countries where Netflix is available.

Mind Game 001 - 20150817

A second chance for Garden of Sinners? Aniplex of America will release a standard edition of The Garden of Sinners on November 10. Watch your wallets, though! The set, which includes all eight films, will carry a retail price of $399.98.

From The AniBlogging Community

Avoiding the biggest mistakes. Lauren at Otaku Journalist published a great article for aspiring writers, warning about the dangers of the biggest mistake geek writers can make.

Weekly Fun Stuff!

Did you know? For years, Did You Know Gaming? has been a fixture of the gaming YouTube sphere. These bite-sized rattled off trivia and facts, with narration by popular YouTubers like Markiplier, JonTron, and Game Grumps’s Egoraptor & Danny Sexbang.

Last year, the anime world received their own version of the format, with Did You Know Anime. Like its gaming counterpart, the channel gathers YouTubers like Megami33 (Sailor Moon Abridged) and Stephen Krosecz (Abridge on Titan), as well as voice actors like Kyle Hebert (Gurren Lagann) and Petrea Burchard (Tenchi Muyo!) to deliver the details on a variety of anime titles.

This week, we’re highlighting the Gurren Lagann episode, which features the voice of Kyle Hebert. The five-minute episode highlights fun facts of production, as well as numerous references and bits of trivia.