Hai Furi Magazine Scan 001 - 20150826

Image source: Anime News Network

The latest issue of Kadokawa’s Comic Alive magazine unveiled the first information on Hai-Furi. The magazine gives a brief profile on Akeno “Mike-chan” Misaki, who’s described as a cheerful, positive thinker who’s very active. Her catchphrase is “Any friend of the sea is family to me!”

Misaki’s full profile is as follows:

  • Height: 152 cm (roughly 5 feet)
  • Birthday: July 20
  • Astrological Sign: Cancer
  • Blood Type: B
  • Birthplace: Nagano
  • Hobby: Canoeing
  • Favorite foods: Curry, pudding
  • Least favorite food: Live oysters
  • Best school subject: Japanese
  • Worst school subject: Mathematics

The series will be set in an alternate version of Japan, where the nation developed primarily as a maritime nation. Because of this, it became a necessity to open special schools, which teach students how to protect the oceans.

Hai-Furi will be set in an all-girls school, where students enrolls to become “bloomer maids,” or women who find their professionson the open seas. These special ladies live by the motto “In the sea we live, the sea we protect, and by the sea we go.” These special students are the truly √©lite, expected to excel in their studies while being knowledgable of the various cultures of the world.

More details will be revealed in upcoming issues of Comic Alive, including further character reveals, and staff interviews. A manga adaptation is also in the works, which will begin its run before the anime hits Japanese TV.

Source: Anime News Network