Comic Zenon’s decree is absolute. Let the auditions begin!

Earlier today, Japanese publisher Coamix and The Silent Manga Audition Committee announced that they will offer a number of manga titles from Monthly Comic Zenon magazine. Chapters will be offered online in English, based on reader votes.

Three titles are currently available:

  • Ikusa no Ko -Legend of Oda Nobunaga: Art by Tetsuo Hara, Story by Seibō Kitahara
  • Nobo and Her? by Molico Ross
  • ARTE by Kei Ohkubo

Monthly Comic Zenon hosted a number of fan favorite titles, including Angel Heart and DD Hokuto no Ken. Several works from the publication, including Angel Heart, DD Hokuto no Ken, and Wakako-zake received adaptations in either anime or live-action formats.

Source: Manga Audition