Gather, my cattle! Gaze and be awed by the sights of the great Shingan Crimsonz!

Earlier today, Sanrio opened a website to announce a stage musical adaptation of Show By Rock!!. The production, which will open in February 2016, will be titled Show By Rock!! Musical ~Tonaeru Kachikudomo! Crimson Falldown Revolution Apocalypse~. It’s currently slated to run at Tokyo’s Zepp Blue Theater Roppongi theater from February 11-16, with ten shows planned in total.

Show By Rock Musical Key Visual 001 - 20150904

The musical will star in-universe group delightfully doofy visual kei group Shingan Crimsonz, who served as supporting characters in the Show By Rock!! anime series.

Details on ticket sales and casting were not available as of press time.

Source: Anime News Network

Editor’s note: I’m editorializing a bit here, but Sanrio really couldn’t have chosen a better group for a stage adaptation of Show By Rock!! They group’s just so fun!