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A Gaggle of Fans Are Re-Animating A Dragon Ball Episode In Seven Star Re-Animate

Move over, Usagi! This year it’s Goku’s time to shine.

Dragon Ball is, without a doubt, one of the most prominent anime titles in the western fan culture. It’s nearly impossible to find folks who haven’t had some exposure to the world of Goku and company. The series has been the subject of countless homages, mash-ups, parodies, and tributes.

Then, of course, there’s the gaggle of Linkinball Z AMVs, but we won’t go into those

That said, a new fan re-animation project is now underway. Titled “Seven Star Re-Animate,” the project is a collaboration between volunteer animators, who are working to re-animate Dragon Ball episode The Kamehame Wave.

Specifically, the group is tackling the Ocean Group’s dub of the episode. The project’s been underway since December of last year, and is in the final phases of production. Animators are checking in their work, and only ten shots remain to be claimed.

The project’s official Tumblr has been publishing and reblogging submitted animation samples. And, much like last year’s Moon Animate, Make Up! project, the art styles span from the simple, to to the detailed, to the NES-inspired.

We’ve posted a few samples below. While we’ll follow up once the project is released, fans eager to see more should check out the official project website.







Source: Seven Star Re-Animate Tumblr

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