Take my revolution… in HD!

A Revolutionary Girl Utena Blu-Ray release on the way, and Nozomi Entertainment is reaching out to fans to see how they can make the release their finest yet.

Earlier today, Nozomi published a post to its Facebook page seeking input on the upcoming release. The company’s seeking input on what fans would like to see added, from packaging styles to extra features.

 Nozomi - Utena Facebook Blu-Ray Inquiry

Back at Anime Expo, we announced that one of our first Nozomi Blu-ray releases would be Revolutionary Girl Utena! Now,…

Posted by Nozomi Entertainment on Monday, September 7, 2015

Nozomi previously released Revolutionary Girl Utena as a series of limited edition DVD boxes, which featured remastered audio and video. The retailer rescued the license, which was previously held by Central Park Media, in 2010.

Source: Nozomi Entertainment (Facebook)