Gather round, readers! It’s a special day for legendary Akiba maid Minalinsky!

Now, if we could only find her…

Joking aside, yesterday was Kotori Minami’s birthday. And, in true Love Live! fashion, fans turned out in droves to show their affection for μ’s resident fashionista.

Artists of all stripes, from talented Pixiv artists, to celebrities like Noizi Ito (The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya) stepped up to craft incredible works of art. Cosplayers stepped up to show off their favorite Kotori getups, and stores put up displays to celebrate the day.

Even the Official Love Live! smart phone game celebrated with a special gift to players:

Kotori Birthday - Love Live Game Notification 001 - 20150913

As we’ve seen before, the response has been nothing short of breathtaking. We’ve crawled the web to find our favorite images from Nozomi’s special day below. Is there a piece of art that you loved but we missed? Cosplay we didn’t catch? Let us know in the comments!

Celebrity Art

Fan Art


Store Displays

Other Fan Stuff