It’s a legendary blade, for a legendary Servant!

For those who haven’t heard of them, Man At Arms is a web series that revolves around a team of master blacksmiths and craftsmen, as they build replicas of popular weapons and armor from various fictional works. Now matter how ludicrous the task may be, whether it’s Wolverine’s claws from X-Men or Sephiroth’s sword from Final Fantasy VII, the team is up to the task.

At this point, the crew is quite comfortable with creations from the anime world. In the past, Man At Arms team crafted a number of weapons that could be ripped straight from shows like Soul Eater or One Piece. They forged a replica of Ryuko Matoi’s scissor-blade from Kill la Kill out of scissors, and built Guts’s sword from Berserk out of railroad track.

This week, the team took to the battlefields in search of the Holy Grail. Specifically, they chose to take the task of crafting Saber’s Excalibur, from Fate/Zero.

In typical Man At Arms fashion, the crew walks viewers through the forging process from start to finish, to create an experience that’s interesting and informative. While we don’t see any crazy materials this time around, the entire episode is just a joy to watch.

And, before you ask, the final result is indeed fit for the franchise’s iconic Servant!

Source: YouTube (AWE me)