There’s a Yo-Kai Watch in effect. Please report Yo-Kai sightings to the local authorities.

Earlier today, Dentsu Entertainment USA started streaming a new Yo-Kai Watch music video. Specifically, the company released the English version of popular Yo-Kai Watch song Geragerapō no Uta.

The song, which is titled Gera Gera Po, is performed by Peter Michail and Kathryn Lynn. Tomoki Kikuya and FRAME composed the music, while the team of Mark Risley, David H. Steinberg, and motsu wrote the lyrics.

Geragerapō no Uta is the first opening theme for the Japanese Yo-Kai Watch series. The tune, which was used in the first 36 episodes, was originally performed by King Cream Soda.

The video’s description includes a brief description of the show’s premise:

One summer day, I stumbled upon something amazing…

One summer day, an average fifth-grade kid named Nathan Adams, comes across a strange old capsule vending machine in the mountains. He puts in a coin and opens a sealed rock capsule that emerges to discover… it’s actually a Yo-kai named, Whisper!

Whisper, a self-proclaimed “Yo-kai butler,” gives him a Yo-kai Watch that lets him see hidden Yo-kai all over the world. Once he befriends a Yo-kai, they give him a Yo-kai Medal that he can use to summon them when Nate needs help. Nate soon finds himself calling upon his Yo-kai friends to solve life’s everyday problems.

Yo-Kai Watch Key Visual 001 - 20150623The English adaptation of Yo-Kai Watch will begin airing on Disney XD on October 5, at 5:00PM Eastern and Pacific. New episodes will be aired daily through October 9. Afterwards, new installments will air every Monday at 5:00PM. In Canada, Teletoon will begin airing the series on October 3 at 2:00PM.

The English dub will star the following:

  • Nate: Johnny Yong Bosch
  • Whisper: J.W. Terry
  • Jibanyan: Alicyn Packard
  • Katie: Melissa Hutchison
  • Manjimutt: Pierre Holloway
  • Teacher: Pierre Holloway
  • Eddie: Brent Pendergrass

Source: Anime News Network