Welcome, one and all, to the latst issue of AniWeekly! Last week was filled with rewrites, god eaters, and super-dimension fortresses, as we pushed toward Anime Weekend Atlanta. Numerous surprises and reveals peppered the week, leading to a day that, like the autumn leaves, is full of color and surprise!

In The News

The gods must be crazy. Fans of God Eater are going to be stuck waiting a while for the big finale. The show’s final four episodes have officially been delayed until the Winter season.

Reboot, I mean Rewrite! Key fans have a lot to be excited about. During the last episode of Charlotte, a promo video for an anime adaptation of the Rewrite visual novel was announced.

Gera Gera Po time, everyone! To promote the Yo-Kai Watch première, Dentsu started streaming the English adaptation of popular series song Gera Gera Po.

Prepare to cross the Delta! The Macross website recently announced Macross Delta, a new entry into the historic franchise. A streaming event, which promises to reveal more information, will be held on October 29

Macross Delta Visual 001 - 20150924

Get ready for the… Glitter Force? Saban recently started soliciting Smile PreCure! in trade publications under the title Glitter Force.

Saban Glitter Force Advert 001 - 20150924

The demi-humans join the Netflix army. Netflix announced that they’ll stream Ajin – Demi-Human. The series, which kicks off in January, will stream in all markets outside of Japan in mid-2016.

From the AniBlogging Community

Manga to help teach those with autism. Robert Rozema from the National Council of Teachers of English wrote a fantastic paper on manga, and how it could be used as an avenue to teach students with autism.

Love Live! and the idol culture. Lauren at Otaku Journalist published a fantastic article about Love Live!, and how the series shines a light on the draconian idol culture of Japan.

Weekly Fun Stuff!

What’s in an OP? YouTuber Mother’s Basement put together an entertaining, informative deconstruction of the Attack on Titan opening. It’s a fun watch that will tickle the fancies of detail geeks of all stripes.