In a battle between ladies and butlers, who are the real winners and losers?

Earlier today, Media Blasters published a new streaming trailer for Ladies Versus Butlers! to their Facebook page. The new clip focuses on Brittany Lauda’s performance as Kaoru Daichi.

Media Blasters originally announced that they licensed Ladies Versus Butlers! in 2013. The title originally had a January 2014 release date, though it disappeared from many retailers’ radars due to unspecified delays.

The series is currently slated for a November 3 release on both DVD and Blu-Ray, according to retailer Right Stuf. The dub will begin streaming on Crunchyroll this fall.

MB Voiceworks is producing the dub, with Brittany Lauda taking the director’s chair. The confirmed cast is as follows:

  • Kaoru Daichi: Brittany Lauda
  • Akiharu Hino: Daniel J. Edwards
  • Shingo Todoroki: Y.Chang
  • Mitsuru Sanke: Jessi Nowack

Source: Media Blasters’s Facebook Page