It’s never good to report news like this.

Earlier today, animator Toshio Kobayashi (Mobile Suit Gundam UC effect animation director) revealed that anime studio Manglobe has become insolvent. Kobayashi tweeted that, due to the studio’s inability to pay its debts, his expected income for this month and the next is unavailable.

The Twitter post has since been deleted, though his requests for work and notice of unemployment are still online.

Rough Translation: I’m unemployed. (・∀・)ゞ

Rough Transltion: [Breaking] I said, I’ve become unemployed.

Translation: [Urgent Employment] Please contact me for work.

Kobayashi isn’t the only animator to express distress over the news. Hayate the Combat Butler! animator Hideto Komori tweeted his own reactions to the news, which began as a questioning as to whether he would get paid, which quickly turned to distress. He was unable to contact certain people, and needs to look for new work.

Kobayashi continued, explaining how people can claim unpaid wages from a bankrupt company.

Rough Translation: My salary wasn’t credited…?

Rough Translation: SOmebody help me – (*_*)

Rough translation: I’m not out to cut out or hang up on anybody

Rough Translation: A solution to retrieving salaries from a bankrupt company, up to a maximum of 80%! Summary at http://Camatome.Com/2013/01/kyuryo -Mibarai-Torimodoseru.Php …

Rough Translation: Nothing subtle, so I’m taking hard work. I’m good to last, but not for long…

As of today, Manglobe’s website is offline.

Anime studio Manglobe produced a number of fan-favorite titles, including Samurai Champloo, Hayate the Combat Butler, Samurai Flamenco, and Gangsta..

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