Tokyo Ghoul Visual 001 - 20151011File this under “How could we miss this?”

Last month, mobile game publisher GameSamba announced a Tokyo Ghoul game in a press release.

In addition to the app news, the presser contains a quote from FUNimation President an CEO, stating that a third season of Tokyo Ghoul is “set for 2016.”

Fukunaga’s exact quote is as follows: “With Season 2 now finished and Season 3 set for 2016, the anticipation for the mobile game has only grown higher.”

Earlier today, news site Anime News Network received an updated comment from FUNimation. According to ANN, FUNimation is “anticipating a 2016 release,” though the publisher didn’t clarify further.

Tokyo Ghoul is based on Sui Ishida’s manga of the same name. The show spanned two TV series, Tokyo Ghoul and Tokyo Ghoul √A, as well as prequel OVA Tokyo Ghoul: Pinto.

FUNimation holds the domestic righs to both Tokyo Ghoul and Tokyo Ghoul √A in North America.

Source: Anime News Network

Update 10/12/2015: 

Voice actress Monica Rial took to Twitter to confirm that a third season of Tokyo Ghoul has yet to be announced, and that Anime News Network’s coverage (and ours, by transitive property) is inaccurate.

We apologize for jumping the gun on this one.