Viewers, beware! The Witches 5 are ready to strike!

Earlier today, Viz Media unveiled the English dub cast for Sailor Moon S‘s major villains. The series will cast the following:

  • Kaolinite: Tara Platt
  • Mistress 9: Christine Marie Cabanos
  • Eudial: Erin Fitzgerald
  • Mimete: Kira Buckland
  • Tellu: Laura Post
  • Viluy: Cricket Brown
  • Cyprine / Ptilol: Johanna Luis

Viz Media announced the roles of the new Sailor Guardians, as well as Professor Tomoe at Anime Expo. The previously confirmed cast is as follows:

  • Haruka Tenoh / Sailor Uranus: Erica Mendez
  • Michiru Kaioh / Sailor Neptune: Lauren Landa
  • Hotaru Tomoe / Sailor Saturn: Christine Marie Cabanos
  • Professor Souichi Tomoe: Keith Silverstein

This is Silverstein’s second role in the series. He also portrays Usagi’s father in Viz Media’s dub.

Sailor Moon S is the third series in the original Sailor Moon anime franchise. The show was directed by Kunihiko Ikuhara (Revolutionary Girl Utena, Penguindrum) at Toei Animation. The title aired from March 1994 through February 1995, spanning 38 episodes.

Viz Media announced that they acquired the domestic rights to both Sailor Moon and Sailor Moon Crystal at Anime Central 2014. The company will release all 200 episodes, three feature films, and myriad specials in the franchise.

The second Sailor Moon R set will hit North American retailers on October 27.

As of press time, the first 147 subtitled episodes (and the first 23 dubbed episodes) are available for free streaming in the United States on Hulu and Neon Alley.