Order Up!

The eight volume of Sakae Esuno’s Big Order manga revealed that the series is getting an anime adaptation. Though no details were announced, the show is slated to begin airing in spring 2016.

Rough Translation: Sakae Esuno’s “Big Order” is getting a TV anime adaptation. The series is scheduled to start airing in spring 2016.

Big Order revolves around high school student Eiji Hoshimiya. Ten years ago, Hoshimiya made a wish to a mysterious girl named Daisy. He asked the girl to be granted the power to rule the world. Daisy obliged, and Hoshimiya became the most powerful psychic “Order.”

It turns out that granting a ten year old kid the power to rule the world is a bad idea. Hoshimiya destroyed half the world in an accident. Since that day, he’s hidden his power, and tried to live a quiet life. Unfortunately for Hoshimiya, though, a mysterious girl named Rin Kurenai appears, with the intent of avenging her parents’ deaths. During the fight, Hoshimiya remembers that he wanted to bring the world together in peace, not to blow it into a fine earthy powder.

With new resolve, Hoshimiya steps out of the shadows, with the intent to rule the world and use his powers to bring peace.

A Big Order OVA will ship with the limited-edition version of eight manga volume. The book is due to hit newsstands on October 26.

A promo video for the OVA is currently streaming online, which you can check out below:

Source: Esuteru