Full Metal Panic Anime Reveal 001 - 20151024Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, Mithril is back in business!

Earlier today, light novel imprint Fujimi Fantasia Bunko announced that a new Full Metal Panic! anime project is in the works. As of press time, no details about the title were unveiled, as the reveal was given at a fan event in Akihabara.

The new Full Metal Panic! will be based on Shoji Gatoh (writer) and Shikidouji’s (illustrator) light novel series of the same name. In the past, the series received six manga adaptations, three anime TV series, and an OVA. The most recent anime series, Full Metal Panic! The Second Raid, aired on Japanese TV in the Summer 2015 season.

The latest manga series, Full Metal Panic! Zero, kicked off in Dragon Magazine in 2013. The ongoing title is being written by series creator Shoji Gatoh, with illustrations by TetsurĊ Kasahara.

Source: Mantan Web