And now, some sad news.

Yesterday, artist and musician ASUNA revealed that manga artist Kouji Miyata passed away. He was 34.

Miyata passed away on October 22, due to a hypertensive cerebral hemmorhage. The artist’s wake will be held later today, at the Tanashiyama Souji Temple in Tokyo’s Nishi prefecture. The artist’s funeral will be held at the same location tomorrow.

Rough Translation: On 10/22, musician, artist, and dear friend Kouji Miyata passed away due to a cerebral hemorrhage. Tomorrow, I will be attending the wake to meet family and acquaintances. Of course, we all hoped that as many people as possible could attend, including his fans. It’s nice to meet you all.

Kouji Miyata is best known for his work on Wanko ni Kuchizuke and Yome ga Korena Monde. The artist graduated from Tokyo Zokei University, after which he won an honorable mention in 2008’s EntraBrain Entertainment Awards for Bellows (Jybara). His first professionally serialized work was Kiki Mimi Zukan, which debuted in 2008.

Miyata’s last collected volumes of his newest works, Wanko ni Kuchizuke and Yome ga Korena Monde, hit stores on September 14.

Source: Twitter (Asuna)