There are numerous cool experiences at New York Comic Con. For some people, touring through Artists’ Alley and meeting some of their favorite artists is the main feature. For others, it is meeting various actors and actresses, or picking up exclusive merchandise. Heck, for some people it is an opportunity to search for rare and hard to find comics! One of the reasons New York Comic Con is so popular is because it appeals to so many fandoms. Personally, I like to pick up new art and find self-produced comics. What I didn’t expect to find at New York Comic Con was the work sculptor Mario Chiodo.

Mario Chiodo first came to my attention after the unveiling of the Champions for Humanity monument was unveiled in Oakland, California.

If you’re curious about that project, Mario talks about it in a Ted talk:

As for the masks themselves, here is one that is a spitting image of my late great-grandfather:

Mario Chiodo Schnoz Costume 001 - 20151031

You can check it out in action here:

I saw one of the dragon costumes worn at New York Comic Con. The visual effect is striking, but I confess I cannot imagine someone being able to wear it for an entire Halloween party. More likely it makes for a grand entrance, which is all well and good. These are mostly designed to be art one can keep in one’s home.

You can check out the rest of the collection at retailer

Unlike the rest of the costumes, the Warrior Princess and the Sorceress are both fully functional and could easily be worn for an entire evening.

I had an opportunity to talk to Mario at New York Comic Con. One of the highlights of the conversation were learning that, while most people assume his name is pronounced chi-oh-doh, there is a sizable minority that pronounce it coyote. I immediately joined that minority.

He also talked about the next generation of wearable sculpture that he is working on. He gave me on online tour of the work he is planning on releasing next year, but unfortunately I am not allowed to share it with you. I will say that one of the pieces I saw is a true throwback for those of you who remember Googie Architecture:

Mario Chiodo Gas Station 001 - 20151031

I’ll have more on my experiences at New York Comic ConĀ in the coming months as various projects near their respective release dates. For now, though, have a happy and safe Halloween!