Welcome, readers, to the latest edition of AniWeekly! This week, we’d like to open with a farewell to voice actress Miyu Matsuki, who succumbed to Pneumonia last week. Matsuki was known for a number of notable roles, which include Anna Nishikinomiya in Shimoneta and Ku-ko in Nyaruko: Crawling With Love!

She left the world well before her time, and she will surely be missed.

In The News

Welcome to the phantom world! It’s colorful here. KyoAni fans are in for a treat! The first promotional video for Myriad Colors Phantom World hit the web last week.

The sad story of Osomatsu-san. Comedy series Osomatsu-san (Mr. Osomatsu) will be censored in its upcoming Blu-Ray release. The first episode of the series will be removed entirely, while episodes 2 & 3 will see heavy edits to tone down parodies of popular franchises.

Osomatsu-san - Dekapan Man - 001 - 20151104

An end of an era. Long-standing dubbing studio Magnitude 8 Post closed its doors last week. Audio engineer Les Claypool III cited technical difficulties in the current market as the primary reason for the closure. Magnitude 8 worked on countless anime and video game projects, including Cowboy Bebop and Silent Hill 3.

Oscar fever is in the air! Both The Boy And The Beast and When Marnie Was There were submitted for consideration for Oscar nominations. The two films are up against 14 other films including Disney’s Inside Out and Sony Pictures’s Hotel Transylvania 2.

Moon, Recall, Make Up! Viz Media is replacing a series of defective discs in the second Sailor Moon R DVD and Blu-Ray sets. Fans can call 1-800-553-­6937 to request a replacement.

Sailor Moon R Disc Replacement Details

Seishun wa Non-Stop! Anime series Show By Rock!! is getting a second season, as well as a short-form anime spinoff project. All we can say at this point is “Have a nice MUSIC!”

From The AniBlogging Community

Presenting Brittany Lauda! Justin from Organization ASG were able to interview voice actress Brittany Lauda at this year’s New York Comic Con. The two discuss numerous topics, from life in the voice acting world, to Media Blasters’s current situation.

The eternal discussion. Blogger Chikorita157 chimes into the great review score debate with a well-written piece that questions whether such grading schemes have outlived their usefulness.

Weekly Fun Stuff!

World collide in this playful AMV, which sets the zany antics of Nichijou against One-Punch Man opening theme The Hero. The end result is frantic, funny, and genuinely entertaining.

Gotta Ink ’em All! This week, we have a second entry to the Fun Stuff lineup! Online magazine Vice sat with Alicia Thomas, a Massachusetts-based tattoo artist who strives to “ink ’em all” by tattooing all 151 original Pokémon.