Earlier this year, Viewster announced that they’d be jumping into the world of subscriptions. A new service, known as “Omakase“, was billed as a multi-faceted initiative that would tickle the fancies of digital fans and hardcore collectors alike.

On the digital end, Omakase offers customers a premium, ad-free streaming service. Video streams are offered in HD for all Viewster programming, including anime streams and simulcasts.

For the physical fans, Omakase promises a bi-monthly merchandise box, à la Loot Crate or Nerd Block. Viewster promises that each box will include unique, special-edition items, and a value of over $60.

A couple of months ago, we had the pleasure of looking at the pre-launch “Alpha Box”, which offered an impressive array of Hatsune Miku-themed goodies. Yesterday, the first consumer bundle, which Viewster is aptly calling the “Launch Box,” arrived at our office. This time around, the theme was Trigger’s Kill la Kill, and Viewster was promising a few special exclusives.

With this in mind, we dove into the crate, to see if Viewster didn’t lose their way for their big launch.

Full Disclosure: product was supplied by Viewster for the article


The Launch Box arrived in a baby-blue shipping box. The top of the crate features the Omakase logo, boldly printed in white.

Omakase Shipping Box - Top - 001 - 20151117

The bottom face features several anime-themed icons, also printed in white, arranged in a 3 x 3 grid.

Omakase Shipping Box - Bottom - 001 - 20151117

Lifting the front flap reveals the word “Omakase” proudly printed within. The inside of the flap features a smattering of colorful icons set to a white background, offering a playful indicator that fun awaits within.

Omakase Shipping Box - Inside Flap - 001 - 20151117

Inside the box, we were greeted by a tuft of white, printed tissue paper and an art card.

The front of the card features a full-color illustration of the Kill la Kill cast, which places Ryuko Matoi and Harime Nui front-and-center. The back includes a full listing of the items inside the box.

Omakase - Kill la Kill Insert Card 001 - 20151117

What’s In The Box?

Omakase’s first box is devoted to fan-favorite anime series Kill la Kill. Every item in the package is related to the franchise, from tiny trinkets, to the hardcover manga and scarf that sit as a centerpiece among the other items.

The full list of items in the box is as follows:

  • Guts Button
  • Kill la Kill Manga Volume 1, Gold Foil Hardcover Edition
  • Mako Mankanshoku Bath Towel
  • Mitsu Hoshi Wrist Band
  • Senketsu Scarf

The wristband is a white, elastic fabric band. The front of the band features features the “Mitsu Hoshi” symbol, which appears on three-star Goku Uniforms in the show, embroidered in black.

Omakase - Kill la Wristband 001 - 20151117

The Senketsu Scarf is a full-sized replica of the scarf worn by Ryuko in episode 14 of Kill la Kill.

Kill la Kill Ryuko with Senketsu Scarf

The garment is made of a sheer, red fabric (presumably a rayon/polyester blend), with Senketsu’s eye silk-screened on the corner.

We were impressed by the size of the garment which, when unfolded, is roughly the size of a twin mattress.

Scarf, on Queen Size Bed

Scarf, on Queen Size Bed

The Mako Mankanshoku Towel is a 29.5″ x 59″ cotton towel from Great Eastern. The piece features a grayscale image of Mako mid-pose, which stretches across the length of the towel.

It should be noted, though, that the item itself is thinner than the typical bath towel. While it will likely serve its purpose, it’s primarily a decorative piece.

The manga volume is a special printing of the first Kill la Kill manga volume from Udon. The cover art, while identical to that of the softcover edition, features an embossed gold foil background, as opposed to the familiar solid yellow. A brief message from author Ryo Akizuki is printed inside the front cover.

Omakase - Kill la Kill Manga 001 - 20151117

The actual pages are printed on a nice, heavy paper. The color pages are vibrant, and presented on glossy pages. The black-and-white content is on thick matte paper. The print quality of both page types is fantastic, with no visible line bleed.

The Guts button is, as the name implies, a quarter-sized button featuring Mankanshoku family dog Guts.

Omakase - Kill la Kill Guts Button 001 - 20151117

Cost Breakdown

The overall cost of the items in the box adds up to $85.09, with the breakdown being:

  • Kill la Kill Manga: $34.95
  • Senketsu Scarf: $15.95
  • Mako Mankanshoku Bath Towel: $27.95
  • Mitsu Hoshi Wrist Band: $5.99
  • Guts Button: $0.25

The total value was calculated using retail value for all items in the box.

The cost of the Kill la Kill manga volume and Senketsu scarf were estimated. For the manga, we used Udon’s release of Street Fighter Legends: Chun-li as the basis for pricing. For the scarf, we used a rayon scarf from LiveBox as a basis for pricing.


Omakase’s Launch Box is a strong entrance into the world of the subscription stuff box. The Kill la Kill theme is a fantastic first choice, given the show’s appeal across the fan spectrum. The items in the box are chosen well, and scratch that itch for those seeking nerdy swag.

The real stand-outs this time around are the scarf and the manga. The Senketsu scarf is a charming, attractive piece, which would stand out in any Kill la Kill fan’s collection. The design is simple enough that it doesn’t stand as an obvious anime good, though distinct enough that Kill la Kill fans will certainly take notice.

Milk Tea Fox, Photo Courtesy of Viewster

Milk Tea Fox, Photo Courtesy of Viewster

The manga is a lovely addition to the mix,as it’s a new twist on a familiar product. The book’s beautifully presented with a gold foil embossing that’s sure to stand out on any bookshelf.