My Pathetic Vampire Life Cover 001 - 20151201Unspectacular undead and romance in the underworld await!

Earlier today, Seven Seas announced that they acquired the domestic rights to two new mana titles. Rose Ishikawa’s My Pathetic Vampire Life (Hi no Ataranai Koide-kun) and Reiji Suzumaru’s Love in Hell: Death Life (Jigokuren – Death Life) will both be released under the company’s banner.

My Pathetic Vampire Life is an ongoing series in Futabasha’s Monthly Action magazine. The first collected volume hit Japanese retailers in August. Seven Seas will release the first book on October 4, 2016.

Seven Seas describes the series as follows:

Koide was turned into a vampire at the age of sixteen—one hundred and thirty-three years ago. Now, poor Koide is trapped in an eternal loop of the same old homework, the same boring lectures and meaningless tests, and an ever-unquenchable thirst for blood. Koide has repeated his uneventful sophomore year of high school one hundred and thirty-three times, and now, in his one hundred and thirty fourth year, he doesn’t expect things to change—and is frankly too bored to care.

Love In Hell Death Life Volume 1 Cover - 20151201Love in Hell: Death Life is a sequel to Suzumaru’s Love in Hell manga series, which Seven Seas is also publishing. The author started publishing the series in March, under the title Jigokuren II. Futabasha released the first compiled volume in September. Seven Seas plans to release the first English edition on July 19, 2016.

Seven Seas describes the series as follows:

Utsunomiya Sousuke is dead. But his new life is about to begin…in Hell! Upon awakening in the Afterlife, Sousuke meets his painfully sexy devil guide Sanagi, who may be short of stature, but packs an all-powerful punch. Like Rintaro before him, can the hopelessly irreverent Sousuke repent from his sins, or is he fated to be forever tortured and teased by a gorgeous demonic temptress?
Suzumaru began publishing individual chapters of the manga digitally under the title Jigokuren II in March. Futabasha published the first volume under the title Jigokuren – Death Life in September.

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