Idol forces, fall in!

Earlier today, the official Macross Delta website revealed a batch of new character profiles. The show’s five idol characters took front and center in the update, with new character information and artwork.

The confirmed characters include:

  • Freyja Wion (voice: Minori Suzuki): A 14-year-old girl who was born in a remote frontier of the galaxy. She dreams of joining tactical sound unit Walküre.
  • Mikumo Guynemer: The tactical sound unit Walküre’s vocalist. She’s a mysterious girl of unknown age, whose history and personal life are cloaked in mystery.
  • Kaname Buccaneer: The 22-year-old leader of tactical sound unit Walküre. She fills the role of the team’s “big sister.”
  • Makina Nakajima: A flighty, 18-year-old girl and member of tactical sound unit Walküre. She serves as the group’s mechanic.
  • Reina Prowler: A 15-year-old member of tactical sound unit Walküre. She’s a top-tier hacker who rarely speaks or shows emotion.

The news comes just hours after the official Macross Fan Club’s reveal of new character Keith Aero Windermere. The 19-year-old pilot is an ace in the Kingdom of Wind’s Valkyrie unit, the Aerial Knights.

Macross Delta Character Visual - Keith Aero Windermere - 20151214

Macross Delta is the latest entry into the long-running Macross franchise. The series is being directed by Kenji Yasuda (Noein – to your other self) at Satelight, with series creator Shoji Kawamori serving as chief director. The team of Majiro (Barakamon) and Yuu Shindou (My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU) will provide character designs for the project, while also serving as chief animation directors. Toshizo Nemoto (Log Horizon) will supervise and provide scripts.

Earlier this month, a 15-second commercial for the upcoming Macross Delta preview special hit the web. You can check it out below.

Source: Anime News Network