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FUNimation Announces Winter 2016 Simulcasts & Broadcast Dubs

Out with the old, in with the winter!

Earlier today, FUNimation unveiled their streaming lineup for the Winter 2016 anime season. The company will stream 17 titles as simulcasts, with ten confirmed Broadcast Dubs.

The full lineup is as follows:

  • Assassination Classroom Season 2 (Simulcast & Broadcast Dub)
  • Dagashi Kashi (Simulcast & Broadcast Dub)
  • Dimension W (Simulcast & Broadcast Dub)
  • Divine Gate (Simulcast & Broadcast Dub)
  • Durarara!! x2 Ketsu (Simulcast)
  • Erased (Simulcast)
  • Fairy Tail Zero (Simulcast & Broadcast Dub)
  • GARO: Crimson Moon (Simulcast)
  • Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash (Simulcast & Broadcast Dub)
  • Heavy Object (Simulcast & Broadcast Dub)
  • Haruchika: Haruta to Chika wa Seishun Suru (Simulcast)
  • Luck & Logic (Simulcast)
  • Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron Blooded Orphans (Simulcast)
  • One Piece (Simulcast)
  • Pandora in the Crimson Shell Ghost Urn (Simulcast & Broadcast Dub)
  • Prince of Stride: Alternative (Simulcast & Broadcast Dub)
  • Snow White with the Red Hair Season 2 (Simulcast & Broadcast Dub)

Assassination Classroom, Season 2

Assassination Classroom Season 2 Visual 002 - 20151214Seiji Kishi (Angel Beats!) is returning to direct the new season of Assassination Classroom at studio Lerche. Makoto Uezu (Arpeggio of Blue Steel, Is This a Zombie?) returned to provide the show’s scripts, with Kazuaki Morita (Fate/Prototype, Arpeggio of Blue Steel) reprising his role as character designer.

FUNimation describes the series as follows:

Class 3E is about to begin their second semester! And while some things have changed, the class assignment is still the same: kill their teacher before the end of the year! Easier said than done since Koro Sensei’s made it clear he won’t go down without a fight. Will these students be able to take down the tentacled monster that moves at Mach 20 before he can destroy the world?

Dagashi Kashi

Dagashi Kashi Visual 002 - 20151208Dagashi Kashi is based on Kotoyama’s manga of the same name. The series is being directed by Shigehito Takayanagi (The World God Only Knows) at studio feel. Takayanagi will also oversee the show’s scripts with Yasuko Kamo (Galaxy Angel A). Character designs will be handled by Kanetoshi Kamimoto (Burst Angel).

FUNiamtion describes the show as:

Kokonotsu “Coconuts” Shikada dreams of becoming a famous manga artist. The only problem—he’s terrible. His real talent is selling the complex and delicious snacks in his father’s “dagashi” shop. He never thought much about the family business until the trendy, eccentric Hotaru showed up. As a lover of “dagashi,” she can’t let his talent go to waste and decides she won’t stop ‘til she’s sold him on sweets.

Dimension W

Dimension W Key Visual 003 - 20151209Dimension W is based on Yuji Iwahara’s manga of the same name. The series is being directed by Kanta Kamei (Bunny Drop, Nanana’s Buried Treasure) at Studio 3Hz and Orange. Tokuyuki Matsutake is providing character designs for the project, while Shôtarô Suga handles series composition.

FUNimation describes the show as:

In the year 2071, the world’s energy problems seem solved by a network of cross-dimensional electric-field inductors- “coils” -that extract energy from a seemingly infinite source. That source is the W dimension, a fourth plane that exists beyond the X, Y, and Z dimensions. In this world, unofficial “illegal” coils harness powers that the police can’t hope to counter. Dealing with these coils is the job of coil-hating repo man Kyoma, whose run-in with the unique coil android Mira leads the two to form a reluctant partnership.

Divine Gate

Divine Gate is based on the mobile game of the same name by GungHo Online and Acquire. Noriyuki Abe is directing the show at Studio Pierrot, with Ichiro Uno serving as character designer. Natsuko Takahashi is in charge of series composition.

FUNimation describes the show as follows:

After the Divine Gate opened, our world and the worlds beyond became connected, bringing an era of chaos. To restore order, the World Council was formed and the Divine Gate fell into legend. Now, a select few have gathered to attempt to reach the Gate and remake the world. But what will they find when they open

Durarara!! x2 Ketsu

Durarara!! x2 Ketsu is the third season of the Durarara!! x2 anime series. Takahiro Omori, who directed the previous seasons of Durarara!!, is returning to direct the title at Shuka. Noboru Takagi is returing to handle series composition, while Takahiro Kishida reprises his role as character designer.

FUNimation describes the series follows:

Ryugamine Mikado was looking for a bit of excitement when he moved to the trendy Tokyo district of Ikebukuro—and excitement is just what he found thanks to the district’s colorful residents. There’s Shizuo, a street-sign-throwing man dressed like a bartender who’s always fighting Izaya (a sadistic information broker), your average group of passionate otaku, an unstable doctor-for-hire, and a mysterious female biker who’s desperate to get a-head in life. In Ikebukuro, no one can say what will happen next … but you can bet it’s gonna get loud.


©2016 Kei Sanbe/KADOKAWA/Bokumachi Animation Committee
©2016 Kei Sanbe/KADOKAWA/Bokumachi Animation Committee

Erased is based on Kei Sanbe’s manga of the same name. The series is being directed by Tomohiko Ito (Sword Art Online) at A-1 Pictures, with Keigo Sasaki (Blue Exorcist) providing character designs. Taku Kishimoto (Bunny Drop) is writing the show’s scripts.

FUNimation describes the title as:

Satoru Fujinuma is a reclusive part-timer with no plans for the future. What sets him apart from the other slackers in his town is an involuntary time travel ability that allows him to jump back several seconds in time in order to prevent accidents and even deaths. As incidents around town begin reminding Satoru of a childhood trauma he’d sooner forget, he finally begins to question what caused his ability to surface and whether or not it’s powerful enough to change the past.

Fairy Tail Zero

Fairy Tail Zero Visual 001 - 20151116Fairy Tail Zero is Hiro Mashima’s prequel to his long-running Fairy Tail manga. The series ran in Monthly Fairy Tail magazine from July 2014 through July 2015, spanning a total of 13 chapters.

FUNimation describes Fairy Tail Zero as:

This prequel series depicts the founding of the Fairy Tail guild. Many years ago, Mavis Vermilion was a servant on Sirius Island, mistreated by a guild master and his daughter, Zera. But Mavis stayed positive, because her mother once told her that fairies never visit people who cry about their problems. When the guild came under attack, Mavis pulled Zera from the wreckage into the forest. Seven years went by, and the powerful wizards Warrod Sequen, Precht, and Yuri Dreyer arrived on the island, seeking a powerful jade gemstone. This journey would change the course of magical history.Note: You read that right, Fairy Tail is getting a Broadcast Dub! Beginning with Fairy Tail Zero this season, fans of the series will be able to enjoy English dubbed episodes just a few weeks after the simulcast airs on the FUNimation Streaming Service.

GARO: Crimson Moon

GARO: Crimson Moon is the sequel to 2014’s GARO The Animation. Atsushi Wakabayashi (Guin Saga) is directing the show at MAPPA, with Masakazu Katsura (Tiger & Bunny) providing character designs.

FUNimation describes the show as:

In the capital city of an elegant, feudal society, a powerful spiritual barrier protects people from demonic monsters known as “horrors”—at least, those lucky enough to live in the northern part of the city. For the commoners who live to the south, it’s a completely different story. As soon as night falls, the horrors begin their dark hunt, feasting on the souls of any humans who cross their path. Against unbeatable odds, the fate of the city will fall to a small group of warriors dedicated to protecting the citizens and fighting through the night.

Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash

Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash is based on Ao Jūmonji’s light novel of the same name. The series will be directed and written by Ryosuke Nakamura at A-1 Pictures, with character designs by Mieko Hosoi.

FUNimation describes the series as follows:

From A-1 Pictures, the studio behind Fairy Tail and Sword Art Online: When Haruhiro awakens, he’s in the dark surrounded by people who have no memory of where they came from or how they got there. As the darkness fades, a fantastic new world called “Grimgar” appears before them and their adventure begins—but first, they’ll have to choose their guild, class, and special abilities.

Heavy Object

Heavy Object Visual 001 - 20151108Heavy Object is based on Kazuma Kamachi’s light novel of the same name. The series, which premiered on Octobr 2, is being directed by Takashi Watanabe (Shakugan no Shana) at J.C. Staff. Atsuko Watanabe (Tokyo Ravens) is providing character designs, while Hiroyuki Yoshino handles series composition.

FUNimation describes Heavy Object as:

In the future, warfare has been revolutionized by the invention of mechanical weapons called “Objects.” These Objects are overwhelmingly powerful, rendering traditional weapons like guns, tanks and fighter jets completely useless. Qwenthur is an un-athletic, but smart soldier who aims to work as an Object mechanic. Stationed at an Alaskan Object base, he meets Milinda, a stoic but beautiful Elite Soldier who pilots her own Object. As they learn to support each other in battle, Qwenthur begins to uncover the grim secret behind the Heavy Objects.

Haruchika: Haruta to Chika wa Seishun Suru

HaruChika: Haruta to Chika wa Seishun Suru is an adaptation of Sei Hatsuno’s HaruChika novel series. Soul Eater Not! director Masakazu Hashimoto is helming the show at P.A. Works. Reiko Yoshida (K-On!) is in charge of series composition, while Asako Nishida (Love Live!) tackles character designs.

FUNimation describes the title as follows:

Things look bleak for the school’s Wind Instrument Club until childhood friends Haruta and Chika step in to save the day. When they aren’t practicing to perfect their own playing, they’re working hard to save the club by recruiting new members. After a series of mysteries shock the school, they’ll have to add junior detectives to their already impressive resumes.

Luck & Logic

Luck & Logic is based on Bushiroad’s card game of the same name. Koichi Chigira and Takashi Naoya are directing the title at Doga Kobo, with Yuuya Takahashi filling the dual roles of character designer and series composition.

FUNimation describes the show as:

After losing a war in their home world Tetraheaven, the Gods appeared in the human world seeking refuge. To protect the citizens from the otherworldly beings, the government began employing Logicalists—a special police force with the power to enter trances with Goddesses. In these trance forms humans and Goddesses can combine their power and fight against those looking to disturb the peace.

Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron Blooded Orphans

Mobile Suit Gundam G-Tekketsu Key Visual 001 - 20150715Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans is being helmed by Tatsuyuki Nagai at Sunrise. Michinori Chiba (Mobile Suit Gundam 00) is serving as character designer, while Mari Okada handles series composition on the project.

FUNimation describes the title as follows:

From the original creator of the Mobile Suit Gundam franchise and Mari Okada the writer behind anohana and Black Butler Season 1, comes Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans. 300 years after the end of a great conflict known as the “Calamity War,” a new government system has brought an era of peace to Earth. But when Mikazuki Augus, a young member of a private security company known as the CGS, accepts a mission to protect a young woman seeking to liberate the Martian city of Chryse from Earth’s rule, he sets off a chain of events that threatens to send the galaxy back to war. With his orders in hand, he’ll have to head into battle using a war-era relic the CGS has been using as a power source—the Gundam Barbatos.

Pandora in the Crimson Shell Ghost Urn

Pandora in the Crimson Shell Ghost Urn is based on Masamune Shirow (Ghost in the Shell) and Koushi Rikudou’s (Excel Saga) manga of the same name. Munenori Nawa (Kiss×sis) is directing the series at Studio Gokumi and AXsiZ. Takuya Tani is providing character designs, while Tatsuya Takahashi takes charge of series composition.

FUNimation describes the series as:

From Shirow Masamune, the creator of Ghost in the Shell and Appleseed, comes the story of two cybernetically enhanced girls fighting to save their home. A super-powered terrorist has threatened the island of Cenancle. To fight him off, Nene Nanakorobi, a cybernetic girl-next-door, will have to team up with famous inventor Delilah Uzal and her adorably grumpy cyborg assistant, Clarion.

Prince of Stride: Alternative

Prince of Stride: Alternative is based on Kadokawa’s otome game of the same name. The series is being helmed by Atsuko Ishizuka (No Game, No Life) at Madhouse. Kokunen Ou is providing character designs, while Taku Kishimoto (Bunny Drop) takes charge of series composition.

FUNimation describes the show as follows:

From MADHOUSE, the studio behind Death Note and One-Punch Man, comes a fast-paced sports anime about Stride—competitive city-wide relay races. Nana and her classmate, Takeru, are desperate to resurrect their school’s Stride Club, but will they be able to get the prickly Riku, who insists he hates Stride, to join the team?

Snow White with the Red Hair

Snow White With Red Hair Season 2 Visual 001 - 20151124Snow White with the Red Hair is the second series of this summer’s surprise hit. Masahiro Ando is returning to direct the series at Bones, and the core voice cast members are reprising their roles.

FUNimation describes the show as:

Catch up with Shirayuki in the new season of Snow White with the Red Hair. Shirayuki is a plain girl, save for her shock of beautiful apple-red hair. Her stunning mane gets her noticed by the prince, but instead of romancing her, he demands she be his concubine. Shirayuki chops off her lovely locks, and runs away to the neighboring kingdom where she befriends a handsome stranger.

Source: FUNimation Blog

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