Oriental Light and Magic Logo 001 - 20151223Right now, Imagica Robot has Pokémon fever! Gotta catch ’em all!

Yesterday, video content company Imagica Robot Holdings (also known as Imagica Robot HD) announced that they will acquire anime studio Oriental Light and Magic (OLM, henceforth). Imagica Robot HD will purchase a controlling 51.33% stake in OLM, making the studio a subsidiary of Imagica Robot HD.

The acquisition is set to take place on April 4, 2016. It’s currently valued at 2.858 billion yen ($23,613,492.24 USD).

Oriental Light and Magic was first founded in 1994. The studio has worked on numerous prominent titles, including Wedding Peach, Utawarerumono, and Berserk. They’ve produced numerous Pokémon TV shows, films, and other related works, as well as the Yo-Kai Watch TV series. The company’s annual report showed an earnings of 7.912 billion yen ($65,372,761.90 USD), with an operating profit of 1.092 billion yen ($9,022,891.87 USD).

Imagica Robot Holdings is a post-production company, which was first founded in 1935. The company aids in media production and authoring, in addition to running several specialty TV networks. Earlier this year, the company joined with Sumitomo Corporation to acquire SDI Media.

Source: Anime! Anime!